Mounting ISO images in Windows 7 beta 1

Yesterday I installed Windows 7 beta 1 on the laptop which I use for training.

My employer provided me the Visual Studio installation CD as an ISO image, but when I got to the stage of installing it, I discovered that none of my regular ISO mounting tools (like DEAMON Tools) worked on Windows 7.

Fortunately, I found this small, non-intrusive and free mounting tool called Prismo File Mount. It installed in a second, and is really easy to use.


Using “Quick mount” on the ISO file transformed it into a browsable directory from which I could install Visual Studio, similar to the Compressed Folders shell extension for zip files built into Windows Explorer.

Using the “Mount…” option, it is possible to map the image as a drive, if desired.

UPDATE: Prismo File Mount does not work for 64-bit editions of Windows 7. MagicDisc is a good free alternative in case you are running 64-bit Windows 7.

My podcast subscriptions

Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself updated on topics of your interests. I usually listens to podcasts when sitting on the bus back an forth between home and work and when exercising at the fitness centre.

For .Net developers, there exists several good podcast publishers. My favourites audio podcasts are:

I’m also subscribing to a few non- .Net podcasts. For these ones, I put some more efforts into filtering out non-relevant shows.